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Our front desk staff is the quickest for the best consultation. They will setup proper guuide


Down to the minute, the order of events organizes the timings for the evening event

We do the plan

Make certain every screen, power strip, an internet line or micro phone needed is listed


Noted next each pertaining section should be any special requests that you have made.


The onsite event builds the typically send it you for review before the day event.

Wedding Planing

Premier Catering and Event
Planning Company


Every memorable party needs memorable food! A delicious food catering menu.


Our team works closely for the décor, tableware and other details to best match.

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Wedco is a business class with a difference. It has an imposing yet serene presence, a royal and peaceful aura.

Food & Beverages

Each menu item should be listed out in the order it will be served. Regardless of having a buffet meal.

Vendor Information

Such as florists, DJs or caterers. This denotes that the hotel
or venue is expecting them and approves.

Our Wedding Services

We Provide The Best Services

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Exclusive Design

Wedco the banquent hall is designed to versatile and convient for the all social events

Client Focused

We definitely can take proud of our team will for helping you every step of the way.

Great Ambience

The Wedco can host any function, in an effortless manner with chic amenities setting.

Family Style

Dining allows guests to enjoy a variety of foods while not having to leave their seat.

Hors D’oeuvres

This type of service is ideal for wedding cocktail hours or corporate events ceremony.

Buffet Menu Style

serving style, as it lets everyone decide exactly what, and how much, food they want.

Wedding Planing

When The Perfect Venue,
Meets The Perfect Catering
Banquet Service!

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